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The 1,000 Page Brick: How to Deal With Big And Intimidating Books

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I love big books and I cannot lie. It’s true, I’m one of those people that prefers huge, big books over short books. I love completely immersing myself in a world and getting to know all the details about it. But I will also be the first to admit that big books can be daunting. They’re a commitment, and because of that we often don’t feel like it’s the right time and we should be in the perfect mindset to read them.

I think this is where we go wrong. Over the years, I’ve come to the realization that it’s never going to be the right time to read that one specific book. What is the perfect mood to read IT by Stephen King? Is there even a mood for books like that?

Instead, I divide up my huge books now. I usually ‘sandwich’ my big books between two shorter books, sometimes nonfiction. I find that if I read a short book, I often crave a longer, more intense story. But then after I’ve finished the book, I read something completely different and almost always lighthearted. Poetry is also good. Just anything to switch it up!

Something else I do is that whenever I decide to start reading a big, daunting book, I give myself the time to read as much as I can in the first sitting. Big books often have a lot of worldbuilding and other introductory stuff at the beginning, so it’s good to get it out of the way asap. Not that worldbuilding isn’t fun, but if you stop in the middle of it, it might be hard to pick the book back up.

Then, if I feel sluggish in the middle of the book, I let myself put it down for a bit and read a short novel(la) or short story just to mix things up. Big books sometimes struggle with pacing so it can be a challenge to stay engaged! If you panic, divide it up! A 1,000 page novel can look super daunting, but reading 30 pages a day doesn’t have to be.


15 thoughts on “The 1,000 Page Brick: How to Deal With Big And Intimidating Books

  1. I’m both intimidated and delighted by big books. There’s a great satisfaction when I reach the end of it. I don’t really struggle with reading such books if I’m enjoying them. Switching up genres and book lengths is also one way that keeps me from falling into a reading slump 🙂

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  2. Love this! I also like to read a chapter or two each night of a large book before bed so I can slowly chip away at the large book. I plan on reading War & Peace this year so I hope to follow your tips so I can finish it (finally) 🙂


      1. I usually read about 4 books at a time 😅 I have one on audio, physical and kindle copy and then the fourth is usually my “brick”. I fit in reading whenever I can and so far, I haven’t confused the plot or characters yet *knock on wood*

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  3. Great post! I like the way you think, especially when you talk about reading as much as you can in the first sitting. Sometimes when I pause or stop after the first sitting, I feel so confused and frustrated when I get to the second sitting. I often have this idea I need a certain amount of time to read a book and when I take longer, I feel like I fail. Like you said, it can be daunting and it’s a great tip to read as much as you can in the first sitting. I will definitely use that! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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    1. I recognize the feeling like a fail thing! I have that too when I take let’s say, longer than a week to read a book. I even sometimes have it when I stay on one page longer than I like, but on the other hand it’s not only about how fast you are but also if you’re really taking in and savouring the work!


  4. I can relate to this! The longest book I have read was Battle Royal(there is a review on my blog) i think it was about 600 pages but I loved it all because i was so involved with the story, details and characters. Around Halloween I ordered IT not realising how many pages it was and when it came I was so intimidated by the amount of pages I gave it to a family member as a gift. Sandwiching big books is such a good idea that I am going to try so thanks for the tips!! xx


  5. The size of some books is the main thing that puts me off reading them it took me years to read the entire Harry Potter series because I just couldn’t get through the Goblet of Fire! These tips have definitely helped! I’ll be using them next time I come to read a huge book!

    Jess xx

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    1. Totally get what you mean! When you read the first three HP books the 4th one can look super dainting. It’s worth it though, Goblet of Fire is actually my favorite Harry Potter book. 🙂


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