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My Reading Routine: Picking a Book, Actually Reading And my Review Process

I love reading about other people’s reading routines, or watching videos about them. So I thought I’d share my own!

Picking what I read
I know a lot of people have set monthly TBRs, but I’m actually a huge, HUGE mood reader. I’ve tried the whole monthly TBR thing, but I never really stick to it. I’ll be in a contemporary mood at the beginning of the month, only to dive into fantasy halfway through and then I just want to binge on that genre, until I burn out on it and move onto the next thing.

I have a shelf with almost all the books I have yet to read (or want to reread). It’s kind of a mixed bag: non-fiction, historical fiction, fantasy, sci-fi, classics, etcetera. When I finish a book, I’n often already eyeing one or two books on this shelf I’ll want to pick up next. When it’s time to pick up the next book, I browse, pick up a few books, maybe read the first page or so and then I decide what I actually want to pick up.

my TBR shelf.jpg

When I’m reading
On a good day, my reading can start at 6 or 7AM. That is, I wake up early after a good sleep and I feel like picking up my book. When that happens, usually a few times a week, I make myself a cup of coffee and prop my pillow up against my bed.

After I’ve gotten ready in the morning, I pick my book up as soon as I get to the bus stop. I have an hour commute to and from college every single day, and I always read, while listening to music or white noise with my phone. I’ve come to really appreciate this time for reading. Before I started doing this, I considered my public transport time to be stressful, and ‘wasted’, now I actually look forward to it. 

My reading often continues when I have class. I read before class (I tend to be early anyway), between classes and sometimes during break. Yes, I’m often found reading in our school cafetaria. Of course, I also like talking to my classmates and I do spend time with them, but I’m definitely introverted and I enjoy my alone time as well.

When I go back home at the end of the day, of course I read some more. I also almost always read before going to sleep – whether it’s one page or one hundred pages, I just don’t feel like the day is really done if I don’t get my reading in before sleeping.


After I’ve finished a book
How fast I finish a book truly depends on the type of book I’m reading. I might finish it in one sitting, or it might take me longer than a month. I think me being a mood reader comes into play there as well.

Usually, right after I’ve finished a book I just sit here for a while thinking about what I just read, and more importantly how I feel about what I just read. I sometimes rate a book on my Goodreads right away, other times I wait a little, because I’m not entirely sure yet how I feel about a book, and what parts mostly stood out to me.

This is also usually when I decide if I want to review the book on my blog. I don’t review every book on this blog, because I like writing discussion posts and frankly, I don’t have enough feelings about each and every book to write a full-blown review about it. If I decide not to post a book review on the blog, I will almost always type up something short and concise on Goodreads, for later reference and just to let my friends and followers know my thoughts.

That’s mostly my routine in regards to picking up books, reading the books and what I do afterwards. If you’re curious to read more about my weird reading habit, check out this post! 



5 thoughts on “My Reading Routine: Picking a Book, Actually Reading And my Review Process

  1. You’re so lucky that you can read on your commute! Reading anything while travelling makes me super sick so I miss out on at least an hour a day I could be reading! This was really interesting to read as I think everyone is different when it comes to how they decide what to read/how they review!

    Jess //

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    1. I’m moving soonish (four, five months or so) and it’ll shorten my commute a lot as well, and then I’ll probably feel the same as you! I’ve really come to appreciate it over the years.

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