A puppet. Constantly playing the woman card. Dangerous. Flawed. Inappropriate. Sensitive. Desperate. No emotion. Nervous. Sad.

These are just some of the outrageous things Donald Trump has said about Hillary Clinton. ‘‘She is the puppet, and elite media, big businesses and major donors pull the strings.”

At least this type of attack isn’t hypocritical – or, it wasn’t. Trump started out self-funding his campaign after all. Not anymore though, these days the donations are falling out of the sky – $80 million just last month. So, Donald, who is pulling your strings?

Surprise, Trump isn’t going to tell us, as he is refusing to release the names of his bundlers. Something that Hillary Clinton – and all candidates since 1972  – have had no trouble doing. Trump says his tax returns are ‘all very beautiful’ but refuses to show them to voters. What is he hiding?

Ever since the Republican debates, Trump has stated that several years of his returns are under an IRS audit, and that he won’t release them until the audit is completed. Trump’s campaign expects the audit to extend way beyond the elections on November 8. What Trump seems to forget is that earlier in his campaign, he claimed to release his taxes if Hillary would release hers, including her 2015 returns. She has done so last Friday, yet Trump still keeps his mouth tightly shut.

Nominees for ambassadorships and cabinet positions are grilled during background checks by IRS agents to ensure that they’re not disguising personal expenses as tax-deductible business costs. But presidential candidates don’t get the same scrutiny. And they should. – Fortune.com

If Trump does release his returns after the presidential elections, they would provide two important pieces of information: how much money he donates to charity and how big his check to the US Treasury is each year. If it turns out Trump pays little tax, every single person who pays income taxes will, in a way, be paying for him.

We obviously don’t know how big or small Trump’s tax bill is, but according to Fortune’s estimations, it’s rather small. ”Trump must have enormous deductions to erase the pre-tax income that Fortune estimates he earns, not to mention the gigantic numbers the tycoon is claiming”, as quoted from their website.

Not releasing his tax returns in Trump’s choice – in the end, he isn’t legally obligated to do so. But his secrecy certainly doesn’t make him look more credible.


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